To make up for the lack of updates for a while due to needing rest, here’s the thumbnails I did for pages 8 and 9 which I worked from. As you can see, they’re more or less the same in terms of panelling and even some the text I wrote. But the odd panel’s composition of the characters changed entirely when fully sketching out the final pages. I like to keep so I can change my thumbnails but for the most part, give me a guide as to the next scene of the story.

And while I’m here and while you’re still reading this, I’d like to take the time to announce that next weekend March 23rd-25th Kaizoku Con is happening in University College Cork, Ireland. And I shall be there in the Artist Alley (along side the incredible Leeann Hamilton!), selling comics, artbooks, prints, and other knick-knacks, all while probably watching Channel 4 on my phone to catch highlights of the Australian GP. What a sound weekend it’ll be. So stop on by, and I look forward to seeing ya!