This merits a post I think! David over at Irish Comic News interviewed me recently about the inspiration behind Paradiso and comics branching out into different topics. Have a read of it here:

Also thanks for being patient everyone. The past week since Kaizoku Con has been exhausting with little time to get back to work. Thank you to everyone who came by our table by the way!! And to all the staff for putting on an incredible con once again. In that time since the con, I’ve finally had my doctors appointment for my chronic pain and I’m due to get a brain scan soon, and got new medicine which is… definitely helping, even if small right now.

But here more news! I will be selling at Cork Comic Expo 2 in Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork this April 14th. I’ll also be teaching a children’s art class at the event. Which means I’m busy back at it again and going to try and make some new merch (hopefully Formula 1 related!) But, I will try my damn best to get a new page up in time for the Bahrain GP this Sunday. Y’know what? There will be. I can do it!! Thanks for your support everyone!!