Somehow… someHOW… I got this page done. It took a toll on me physically however. Earlier in the week, I worked on a new print I will be selling at Cork’s local anime convention, Kaizoku Con, which left me a l’il rough. A few days break and I return to work on this page for all of Friday and Saturday, causing more ache, strains and pains. Hence, there won’t be an update next weekend, due to much needed rest of both arms.

But honestly, what a thrill it is to see these pages come to life. I suppose these breaks only make me more eager and fuel me to get cracking on with more pages when I can. Please enjoy, and if you’re feeling sound, why not donate to my Ko-fi page:

(And to any F1 fans reading this, what’s been your favourite car launch this week? I personally love the McLaren, the Alfa-Sauber, and I do love the body of the Red Bull, just not keen on the camo livery!)