And, there we go. We’ve actually got to the end of Chapter 1! (And it only took nearly 3 years…)

Seriously though, thank you so much for sticking with me and reading through so far. I know I’m by no means the fastest creator out there, I’m just a one person team.

Hence going forward for future pages, to ease the workload for me, I will not be colouring the pages. They will be in black and white with some screen tones (basically, manga pages). I can’t guarantee that my upload rate will improve with this (having nerve-damage, a full-time job and wanting to make more merchandise for my shop), but it should definitely help streamline my creative process more once I get used to working in monochrome.

I’ll begin to script and draft Chapter 2 very soon. And before then… I might be announcing another thing Paradiso related soon. So keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for that.

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