And we are back!! Yes, for now anyways. But good news is that the next page is about 35-40% complete with good chances of getting it finished for next week. But we’ll see how that goes.

I am now finished my duties of colouring SHIP WRECKED, and that comic is now going to update until the very end, so make sure you check it out here! And hey, it also got nominated for Best Irish Webcomic over at ICN, so please make sure to give it a vote here too!

But now I can continue to focus my time into drawing Paradiso as much as possible. It’s still super difficult with a full time job, cos I don’t get much time to chill before I need to go to bed again. So I’m trying so hard to make time for it, while also making time to draw other things for myself and engage in other activities too. Weekends are now genuinely gold dust to me, and especially more so as the past week I conquered 5am shifts in my work place and I am extremely tired. But I’m so proud I managed to get this page done within that week.

It is tough, but I really wanna get as much progress as I can done going forward with this year, as last year was definitely dry on updates. Please make sure to follow the Paradiso twitter so you can see small updates on how I’m getting on with the comic, and any livestreams that may happen.

And as ever your support is massively appreciated, and thank you once again for being so patient. I can’t wait to show you even more of this.