Here’s update 1 of 2 to celebrate 1 year since this webcomic went live!! I am very tired typing this post out right now, cos I worked really hard this weekend. I really wanted to get 2 pages done for today, which also explains why these are being uploaded on a Monday rather than the usual Sunday. Unfortunately, I can’t say this signals that regular uploads will start up again for now. I’m still trying to finish the remaining pages of SHIP WRECKED, managing my nerve damage pain, plus I work slightly late shifts and trying managing an etsy shop as well is leaving me so drained. But last week… I just really wanted to get some more pages done. I was craving it, it’s been too long. I know it’s kinda sad that there’s only 18 pages in a whole year but… the fact that everyone’s been so supportive of it so far means the absolute world to me. And I cannot wait for the time where it’ll be my main focus, and that will be soon, I promise.

Click next for page 18!!