Whaaaay, I managed to just scrape getting this page done! And it’s the first milestone! 10 pages done at last @ _ @;;

Thanks for sticking with me this far! Trust me, when I say it’s super frustrating to me that I can’t get these pages out sooner. I’m on new medicine for over a week now for my pain, and sadly, the pain in my hand and arm is still just as bad, although the migraines have eased. Definitely still have work to do in the healing department. And with Cork Comic Expo 2 in less than a week’s time and trying to produce brand new merchandise for that event, again I will have to postpone another update next weekend. It’s just currently too much and it’s a bit of a miracle I got this page out!

But anyways! I hope you enjoy this. Some sad feels here, but I really can’t wait for the new few pages, and you’ll see why. On F1 related matters, I am so looking forward to the Bahrain GP today! Qualifying was super exciting yesterday. Who do you think will win?

As ever, if you enjoy this comic so far, why not tell your mates about it? Or if you’re feeling super sound, why not leave some coppers over on my ko-fi page. I’d be eternally grateful.