Paradiso is a coming-of-age motorsports drama, following the titular Tiffany Paradiso on her journey to Formula 1 greatness.

This comic updates whenever I have a page completed and currently has no set schedule. This is due to working a full-time job and having fibromyalgia in my dominant drawing arm. The best way to check on comic updates is to follow the Paradiso Twitter.

Hi! I’m Hayley Mulcahy (she/they). I’m an an illustrator and sequential artist from Cork, Ireland. One of my favourite things in the world is Formula 1, and decided to write a comic inspired by the many wonderful sagas to emerge from the sport. My favourite driver is Daniel Ricciardo.

I also love video games, retro manga and anime, Bollywood movies, dogs and tarot reading.

More of my work can be viewed on my website, but I update newer pieces more frequently on my Twitter and Instagram. If you enjoy Paradiso so far, consider checking out my Ko-fi page.