Welp it’s a day late (technically WEEKS late) due to technical issues with the website yesterday, but we are back! Albeit, just for one update, as I gotta explain where I’m at at the moment, and why there won’t be another page for a while.

Now, I knew keeping a webcomic going on a weekly basis was gonna be hard for me, considering the on-going pain all throughout my dominant drawing hand and beyond (remember the winter hiatus;; right now I’m kinda just as bad as back then). I always wanted to stress that updates will be in my own time. And as much as I’m bloody excited about making this comic, I’ve tried to not over-hype it. But it’s been tough. People are now genuinely excited for this comic so I am so very sorry that updates are so slow. I really need to work better on how to keep some sort of consistency while taking care of my physical health. And focus too, to be honest. I’ll admit to that.

Here’s the thing: there’s other stuff I need to prioritise at the moment. I’m currently colourist for the webcomic Ship Wrecked, which is now uploading weekly. I really need to keep on top of that schedule, sore arms or not. So that is my primary focus for now until all of Volume 3 is complete, and I should hopefully have that complete come September.

The other thing is, next Monday I actually begin at a new full-time job. I’m no longer part-time, I’m doing legit full-time hours. And I won’t be used to that. That’s going to give me a massive kick in the backside as to how well I’ll need to schedule doing art, rest, and focusing at work. I am hoping that it’ll actually give me a better scope of time, as it’ll be more precious now. This plays into focus too, as I kinda think the years of doing part-time work has spoiled me. Focus was never 100% there when it came to all my days off thinking “wow, I have so much time!”. That was never the case.

Someday I’ll stop making excuses. But that’s just how things are for the moment and I’m just not sure when Paradiso will update next. I probably should start a new buffer of pages when I have time, huh?

Anyways, that’s all for now. At least it’s something during this F1 summer break. Please check out Ship Wrecked if you can. It’s a super fun story written by Aaron Fever and art on Volume 3 by the brilliant Iuli Niculescu. And I might as well plug that I made brand new driver designs in my F1 GP All-Star keyring range. You can check them out HERE.

And, just thank you for all your support. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy more to come.